Flipping the Script: I’m Hiring my Next Boss

infographic experience

I spent several hours focused on turning my resume into an infographic, using a service offered by the start-up vizualize.me. The finished product is here. (I like how the site works, but I’ll be happier when they add pdf exportability) It’s a competitive job market right now, in the same sense that the Hunger Games are a competition. If your field is the least bit creative, you’re damned if you don’t have a resume exponentially more interesting than the ones your parents used to mail out.

I’m a people person. A connector. I excel at the face to face. Shake my hand, sit down with me and let’s tell stories. My story. Your story. The story of your brand. It’s helped me through countless job interviews and client meetings. But, increasingly, there are new hurdles to get to the face to face. Online tests, elaborate pre-screenings, incredibly specific application questions.

It can be frustrating, coming up against an electronic wall, keeping you at a distance from those personal connections.

It’s an amazing time to be hiring, having the pick of so many qualified (frequently overqualified) applicants. If I were an HR manager, I might be inclined to put these same hoops in place, to find only the best, most qualified candidates with a passion for my industry or product.

However, if we’re to be honest, some of the best work experiences come from stepping into unlikely situations and finding your way from there. The old adage is: hire for attitude, train for experience. The new paradigm is to expect both out off the gate. But that’s too narrow. Overspecializing, as a job-seeker or a recruiter, risks missing that perfect connection. Lightning doesn’t strike where you tell it to.

infographic stats

I was very content to freelance for the past few years. The freedom, that entrepreneurial spirit, really does agree with me. However, a few things have inspired me to return to a full-time position.

Last summer, I got very sick. Without sick days, I tried to power through, making it worse rather than recovering. Without insurance, the costs of treatment were as painful as being ill.

Over the last few months, I’ve spent more time hunting for clients than actually working. On top of that, a cold winter and working from home meant a lot of isolation. As I mentioned, I’m a people person. Too much isolation isn’t especially healthy for me.

So here’s the deal: I’m turning the tables. I’m recruiting my next challenge. I’m looking for a company with a culture that fits, good to amazing benefits, and people with a sense of humor to balance their serious work ethic. A company that does more good than evil. A company that will appreciate my time and effort.

That’s it. Industry honestly doesn’t matter. I’m an experienced sales, marketing, and social media pro. I’ve got experience with journalism, travel & tourism, and real estate. But I’m willing to learn vastly new skills if people are willing to train on the job. Wherever I go, I’m excited to grow with the right company. I don’t promise you my life or my eternal soul. I definitely don’t promise to get your logo inked on my skin. But I promise you will get everything you pay for and then some while I’m with you.

Wanted: New challenges and experiences. Apply within.


2 responses to “Flipping the Script: I’m Hiring my Next Boss

  1. I just shared your link on my 500+ Linked in. I love the infographic. After a year of working in staffing (aka human trafficing) and I have some insights for you if you give me a ring. Good luck, Kevin.

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