Kevin Talbot (kev-in tal-bot) n. 1 a creative, solutions-oriented individual who loves finding new and exciting ways to see and explore his world. 2 one who pays attention to some of the most curious and intriguing details, finding the sublime in the mundane. 3 a writer, no longer by trade but always at heart. 4 one who seeks new adventures. 5 an experience.

Kevin Talbot

Kevin Talbot @Pop tART Gallery LA

I was born and raised in Boston, and later found my adopted home in New York City. Spent some time in Los Angeles, which has ultimately brought me back to New York.

I have, over the years, been a freelance writer, a sales & marketing professional, and a burgeoning social media guru. This blog is an outlet for my writing and a glimpse into my world, an experiment with being more public as a person.

Kevin Talbot

Kevin Talbot @ Google Places Party – Brooklyn

“One recognizes one’s course by discovering the paths that stray from it.”
– Albert Camus

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